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Getting your business online shouldn’t be a hassle – leave it to us! Our website design services are designed to help you grow your potential client base online, so you can get on with running your business. Here’s how:

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Logo Catagories

  • Minimalist
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  • Signature
  • Hand Drawn
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  • Text
  • Mascot
  • Cartoon
  • Golden ratio

Skilled Logo Design

Our graphic design team is full of talented professional designers who strive for perfection and very rarely fall short of the mark.

Having created over 2000 logo concepts and designs we feel confident we have the right packages, pricing, process and results to bring your logo and other graphic projects to life.

We don’t just stop at logo’s, our graphic design team can prepare any business stationary including business cards, all sizes of brochures, company letterheads, online banners, email signatures and we even design print and digital magazines – the list goes on.

Design your Logo

Design – it’s what we do!

Every business, however small, is a brand. And brands are tricky little buggers. They aren’t widgets or sprockets or anything you can wrangle or shape and mold. Your brand is simply how your business is perceived by those you serve. You do have some control over those perceptions, though. And the first thing you can control is your logo.

Take your brand and chop it up into little pieces—all the constituent parts. Gather up those parts and put them into a juicer and press as hard as you can until a teeny tiny drop is produced. Drip that drop onto a blank postage stamp, and there’s your logo.

Your logo should be a concise, graphical representation of the very essence of your brand. Every brand’s essence will take a different form. Some logos take the form of your business name alone, carefully styled with font and design to perfectly represent your brand’s personality. Other logos use imagery representing the products or services that define your business. Many rely on a combination of both. The trick is to find the right mix for you and your business.

Your logo solidifies your business identity and differentiates you from your competition. It’s an emblem, a flag that your staff and customers alike can rally around. From business cards to letterhead, advertisements to signage, it becomes an instantly recognisable symbol of who your business is and what it stands for. It’s no small thing.

At MaxCloudWeb Design, our expert designers here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches are skilled at crafting the ideal logo for your business—whatever you do and however big or small you are. Bring us your ideas, your vision, even an old logo that needs refreshing. We’ve got the juicer ready and waiting.

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